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Economics(Sino US cooperation program)

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This profession is a cooperation program between Southwest Jiao Tong University (SWJTU) and George Mason University (GMU). It is relying on superior resources for teachers and traditions of SWJTU, and referencing the economics teaching setting, curriculum planning and advanced teaching model of George Mason University. The aim of the program is to cultivate the students with creative spirit and farsightedness. Training objectives: through four years of study (in George Mason University not less than one year), the profession based on training the students not only has strong international communication ability, skillfully using Chinese and English for study and work, but also have solid foundation in economics and related theory , master of modern economics analysis method, technical means, have reasonable the knowledge structure, have specialized economics, study ability to the world first-class university related field of economics. Curriculum: domestic: basic course of economics, mathematics courses, English enhancement program, China economic history, China economic characteristic courses. Foreign: professional core courses, economics courses, the western rules, western culture and western economic history courses.