The purpose of the major of law is to cultivate high-caliber, solidly-founded and interdisciplinary compound legal talents with rich concept of law-based governance and the spirit of innovation, as well as the ability to express, communicate and coordinate, commanding systematic legal knowledge and theory, having the manner of legal thinking and practical ability, and good at legal practice in traffic, construction engineering and other fields or entering the postgraduate stage. With the goal of “strengthening teachers, building first class, and highlighting characteristics”, this major is committed to establishing a law discipline with advantages and characteristics in the fields of intellectual property law, transportation and construction. It has a reasonable structure of professional teachers with academic background. It is Training Base for Excellent Legal Talents in Sichuan Province, Sichuan Intellectual Property Education and Training (Southwest Jiaotong University) Base, Sichuan Local Legislation Evaluation and Collaboration Base. There are research platforms such as the Transportation Law Research Center, China High Speed Rail Intellectual Property Research Institute, and a series of research results that meet the needs of transportation, construction industry and local legislation, and enjoys a good reputation and social impact in talent training and serving the local and industry.