About us


School of Public Affairs & Law (SPAL), as a young School full of vigor and vitality in the century-old Jiaotong University, is an important base for training professionals in the fields of Public administration, Political science and Law. It is an application-oriented School integrating multiple disciplines and full of characteristics. The school has two first-level disciplines, namely Public Administration, Law,has three master's degrees,namelyPublic Administration(MPA), Law(JM)and Resources and Environment, and three undergraduate majors, namely Public Administration, Law, Political science and Administration.

The College has MPA Education Center,JM Education Center,Aging and Industrial Development Research Center,Performance Evaluation Center for local Government,Public Policy Institute,Transportation Law Research Center,Regional Economy and Urban Management Research Center,Public Opinion Research Center,Intellectual Property Research Institute of CIPRUN GROUP (High-speed Railway),Social Stability Risk Assessment Research Center,Rural Revitalization and Cultural Tourism Development Research Institute,Provincial University Training Base for Cadre in Sichuan Province,Sichuan Intellectual Property Education and training Base, etc.

Adhering to the "justice, cooperation, broad, practical" philosophy,relying on the multi-disciplinary background of SWJTU, with subjects engineering, science, management, economics, literature, law and so on covered,School of Public Affairs & Law has public administration and law and political science development, academic education and training, academic exploring and policy research, science and technology combined. The development goal of the college is to build itself into a respectable applied research institute, a high-level training and education base for public management, political science and law talents, an influential research base for public affairs and governance, and an important decision-making and consulting center for administration by law and modernization of social governance. We will continue to be committed to internationalization and open schooling, strengthen the contact, exchange and cooperation with domestic and foreign academic circles, governments and other social organizations, and jointly promote the development of public administration, politics and law.