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Drama Autumn Begins Performed on International Students Arts Festival of SWJTU
Visited:785    Date:2015-06-01    

On 4th, May, to celebrate the 2015 International Students Cultural Festival, series of activities of a large classic dramas including Autumn Begins was performed on Jiuli campus, SWJTU. In this drama, with superb stage performances, artists from Shanxi Theatre gave students and teachers a memorable night.



Drama Autumn Begins tells the story of Ma family who run a private bank. It was in the early era of Republic of China, and the society was unrest and people faced test of life and death. A dispute started between the two close friends, who belong to two different groups——the "new bank group" and the "traditional bank group". Through the story of Ma bank, the drama vividly describes crisis of that historic time and the significant contradiction between the rationality and conservatism of traditional culture. Not restricted in the perspective of history, the drama use contemporary aesthetic vision to the renew the interpretation of history.

Attracted by the drama deeply, audiences were impressed by the  Shanxi Merchants who had dominated the business for almost 500 years in China’s history.







The drama successfully offer audiences an opportunity to experience the intense feelings of exploration and tragic destiny, with its ups and downs plot, critical juncture of life and death faced by the individual, Ma family. When the drama ended, audience spontaneously applauded loudly for the marvelous performance.


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