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Volunteer Activity Hold by Youth Volunteer Associatio, SPA
Visited:310    Date:2015-04-27    

25th, April, Youth Volunteer Association (YVA), SPA organized an activity to help seniors in the Sunset Nursing Home, Qingyang district, Chengdu. 1:30 p.m., young volunteers from the association started out on time and after half hour, they arrived in the nursing home by subway.




Seniors of the nursing home are experienced and passionate elders. A granny who is over 80 years, led volunteers sang red songs. She is so energetic and dynamic and her beautiful voice gave volunteers deep impression. She told volunteers that she had experienced the revolution age and had profound understanding of the founding of People’s Republic of China. In her eyes, the recent fast development achieved by China is so brilliant. All volunteers there can feel the passion and love of life from the her charming singing.



Different from the exciting atmosphere of singing, at the other corner of the nursing home it is rather quite. An aged grandfather is playing Chinese chess with a young volunteer from another volunteer association---Chengdu Volunteer Association. Although the aged man’s memory is not so good as that young man’s,  the grandfather kept cautious, calm while playing. No matter it is attacking or defense, he played from the starting point of macro-situation of the chess. Several times, the young man lost in the traps. After three matches, the aged man won the young man with score 2:1.



On the wall of nursing home, there is menu of three meals every day. The menu is amazingly abundant with meat and vegetable mixed and nutrition balanced. On the bulletin, various newspapers are listed and seniors also can view magazines that are place for free fetch. What catch the eyes of volunteers are the medals and honor flags. These medals and flags demonstrate that Sunset Nursing Home is the education quarter for Chengdu Funds Association for Elders’ Career Development, Chengdu Volunteer Association, Shiren Northern Road Community. Without wonder that senior people in this nursing home could lead happy and healthy life.




Singing, playing chess, chanting with these old people, everyone there had a nice time. When the journalist of YVA, SPA saw an old man was ready to have a foot bath, he was happy to wash the feet for the old man. Surely both the old man can and the journalist felt great happiness from the temperature of the hot water and the kindness of volunteers.


This activity lasted an afternoon, however all volunteers strongly believe that the happiness brought by the activity can last far more longer than an afternoon. More than enjoying the beautiful sunshine and fresh air, what the senior people need are  intimate listeners and friends. They are happy to share their experiences and life stories, meanwhile they are eager to learn more about the current things outside the nursing home. YVA welcome you and YVA can offer you an opportunity to experience more.


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