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Football Game Report
Visited:231    Date:2015-04-09    

7th , April, 2015, the Third 5-player Football Tournament for Southwest Jiaotong University Faculties started successfully. There are 27 teams playing for this tournament. The competition will last for about one mouth, and is organized by the university Labour Union and co-hosted by the Department of Physical Education and Football Association of the university faculty.



One of the opening matches on that day was the team from School of Public Administration (SPA) V.S. team from School of Mechanics and Engineering with the score 5:1. Particularly, player LI, Ning from the SPA team, scored a hat trick in the first match. The match between the two schools gave viewers deep impressions when faculty players from both teams running on the grassland with splendid and charming consummate techniques. Prior to the match, SPA players have been trained for a long time and played many warm-up games. All because of the team cooperation and amazing techniques, SPA team can perform excellently in the match. In a word, without each member of the team, the game simply wouldn't be so fantastic. Hope the team of SPA could get into the final.


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