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Dean Chen guang visited three universities in the United States
Visited:387    Date:2014-05-01    

April 23 to 25 ,2014,Principle Xu Fei was invited to lead a delegation to visit the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign (UIUC), Cornell University and Oklahoma State University (OSU).And Professor Chen was in it.

In UIUC both colleges reached a consensus that the full cooperation  that already existed should be deepened and decided the current cooperation paradigm in the engineering field should be extended to the social sciences and humanities.

At Cornell University, the delegation communicated with President Thomas O'Toole ,School of Public Administration,Director Rick Geddes, Institute of Public Policy and Management, Harry Katz ,School of Labor and Human Resources  and tenured professor Dr. Oliver Gao ,Transportation Laboratory.The two sides discussed the cooperation in the transport, environment, policies ,sustainable development AND "Southwest Jiaotong University, Cornell United Center" as a platform for interdisciplinary research .

At OSU, the two schools determined that the 2 +2 joint training program and the young teachers exchange program which are already ripe be extended to economics, management science and social science and other related fields.



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