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President Xu Fei investigated and guided the development of liberal arts of our School
Visited:331    Date:2013-10-21    




The morning of October 16th, President Xu Fei led and leaders of  President Office, strategic development department, Graduate School, Department of personnel, Department of science and technology, laboratory and equipment management office investigated and guided about how to develop faster and better of liberal arts at 0401 meeting rooms ,the school of public administration. the main leaders and some teachers of  school of Public administration, School of economics and management, School of foreign languages attended the meeting. The meeting chaired by the Zhao Yanling,  director of President’s Office.


Dean Jia Jianmin, School of economics and management, Chen Guang, Dean of the School of public administration, Wang Weimin, Dean of the School of foreign languages respectively introduced the facing basic situation, college development ideas, key work, achievements, problems in detail, and gave the advice about the development of the school of arts. The teacher and the other school leader made the corresponding supplement.

After listening to the deans’ and teachers’ reports and discussion, President Xu Fei fully affirmed on achievements of the 3 participating schools. Principal Xu pointed out that no first-class science, there is no first-class engineering; without first-class arts, there is no first-class university. Our university’s liberal arts faces enormous challenges, takes long. Our university will stick to implement  the main strategy "talent strengthen university", with broad mind, international vision to solve the problem of talent absence, implement  ‘Introduction, Train, Pressure’ in personnel work. He asked to have a great aim of the school, and resolutely implement; to improve the ability of scientific research, upgrade the level of internationalization. The college should seize the opportunity for development, should think of college’ work of high level, to be enthusiastic and press on the mental state, to the spirit of time will not wait for me. In the guidance of multidisciplinary coordinated development strategy, we should vigorously promote the liberal arts, leaping, ultra conventional development of the arts. Our university should be run into a first-class university as soon as possible.

The school leaders and teachers feel very excited after hearing the speech of principal Xu, they said, new ideas, new vision, guidelines and requirements of Principal Xu should be seriously understand and implement.




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