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Our school has established workshops on themes of social capital and political support.
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On tenth, November, 2013, our academy established workshops on themes of social capital and political support. Secretary of our school Liubin addressed to all in the beginning and president concluded the conference. Associate professor Lei Xuchuan from our school and associate professor Huang Minhua from Tanwai University served as presidents of the conference. A panel of scholars and experts from America, Korea, and many prominent domestic universities gathered here to participate in this grand conference. Communications were made in English during the whole conference. Organizing committee of the conference granted 6 essays to be published after rigorous censorship. Every author made an academic report on their study. Information related to their reports were listed below.





Reporting theme

Xu Siqin

Dean of the department of political science

Taiwan University

The Dynamics of Sustainable Governance Reforms in China:A Comparison of Two Subnational Cases

Huang Minhua

Associate professor

from the school of public management

Taiwan University

Changing Social Capital in the Internet Era?

Lei Xuchuan

Associate professor

Southwest Jiaotong University

Tripartite Complex of Social Capital: Trust, Network, and Volunteering in Asian Societies

Lv Jie

Assistant professor

American University in America

Tripartite Complex of Social Capital: Trust, Network, and Volunteering in Asian Societies


Furthermore, associate professors Taehee Whang from International Institute of Korea University, associate professor Wang Siqi from school of public management in Southwest Jiaotong University, doctor of political science Wu Zhenjia from Taiwan University, researcher Cao Yongrong from school of humanity and art in Shanghai Jiaotong University discoursed on the subject of “social capital and political support” and related studies as well. In all, scholars presented a heated discussion on this matter. The workshop was launched by institute of Asian culture and public management research center in our university. Participant scholars exchanged ideas adequately and consulted each other to reach conclusions, thus providing various ways of thinking for researches thereafter. Scholars have concluded that the workshop ought to maintain to consistently deepen researches and facilitate communications and cooperation of international academic net.










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