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UK Programme Centre was invited to 2013 Annual Meeting for East Asian Educational Institutions
Visited:308    Date:2014-03-29    

The 2013 Annual Meeting for East Asian Educational Institutions was held in Guangzhou on March 25th and 26th. This annual meeting is organized by the Center of culture & education affiliated Embassy of the United Kingdom, supported by the Chinese Ministry of Education and Education International Exchange Association of China. The theme of the conference is "The Future of East Asia Education". On the opening day, the General Secretary of the China Education International Exchange Association, British Consulate of Culture & Education, Director Examinations Services China of the British Council and Director of the International Department of the University of Nottingham were invited to attend and give wonderful speeches. In the two days meeting duration, representatives from 115 international programs in 12 countries warmly discussed topics on "Test Market and the Internationalization of Education in East Asia" and "the British Education and the New Generation of Chinese Students". Mr. Chen Yi on behalf of the UK Programme Centre was invited to attend and take part in the seminar.

During this annual meeting, UK Programme Centre was to understand the latest British visa policy and gathered a lot of critical information and data. In 2012, 50,000 Chinese students study in the UK while nearly 400,000 Chinese students studying abroad, the number of Chinese students was studying abroad more than 100,000; the Chinese mainland students accounted for 51% of UK admissions for East Asian students; The number of IELTS candidates showed a trend of rising year by year, the number of global candidates has reached 2 million in 2012, the Chinese examinee number was at the top of the list; From 2003 to 2011, international students come from East Asia were about 170,000 to about 260,000. Overseas students’ applications for SA, BA/BSc, MA/MSc, and PHD levels have realized different levels of growth.

Mr. Chen said the benefit to attend this annual meeting is very impressive. He believes that information would be very useful to UK Programme Centre’ development and internationalization of our university.

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