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Zheng Dunren, Professor in American College of William and Mary Lectured in SPA
Visited:338    Date:2013-12-11    


Professor Zheng Dunren from Graduate School, American College of William and Mary (William and Mary College) came to have academic lecture entitled "THE TRIP SURVEY PROJIECT & TRIP-2014-CHINA" in School of Public Administration, SWJTU on December 10, 2013. The lecture was presided by Lei Xuchuan, associate professor of SPA and Huang Yuhua, associate professor  from Taiwan University, and also lecturer Zhou Xianyong from SPA participated in the lecture.


Through introducing the three main databases over the world nowadays, with international poll conducted by the Pew Research Center, Pew (Pew Research Center), the World Values Survey (WVS), etc included, Professor Zheng illustrated the theme of this lecture-TRIP (Teaching, Research and International Policy).


Founded in 2008, TRIP was organized every three years focusing on comparative academic research and teaching. The most recent TRIP survey was completed in 2011, in which more than two dozen countries and regions, including Hong Kong, China had been covered. TRIP survey in 2014 will cover the Chinese mainland and Taiwan. Taking the examples of English School and American School, Professor Zheng analysed the academic value and practical significance of TRIP study. TRIP survey contains questionnaire studies and literatures two parts.



Professor Zheng's lecture aroused great interest of students. After the lecture ended, Professor Zheng patiently and carefully answered various questions raised by the students, involving methods of investigation, foreign policy, conflicts happened in polls as well as the image of a great nation and so on. Referring to the East Asian issues to which students showed great concern, Professor Zheng thinks it should be analyzed from historical and institutional, two aspects. He also elaborated solutions for the East Asian issues comparing the historic development of the diplomatic relations of  between Germany and France .


In the short 90-minute lectures, Professor Zheng gave the students a academic feast with ideological collision, however students felt that was not all. Professor Zheng praised students attended in lecture and students who asked questions for their academic potential.


Professor Zheng got PhD in University of California at Berkeley in early age and is the perennial professor at William and Mary College, the famous ethnic Chinese scholar, and Leader in the TRIP Project .

William and Mary College, founded in 1693, is the nation's second oldest institution of higher institution, (1st Harvard University, 3rd Yale University, 4th Princeton University, 5th University of Pennsylvania) has a proud tradition and Education strength. Among the graduates from College of William and Mary, there are five U.S. President 16 signatories of the Declaration of Independence and the (Among the 56 signatories, nearly a quarter of them came from College of William and Mary.) and many U.S. Secretary of State (United States The initial 10 Secretary of State, there are six graduated from the College of William and Mary, and the rest have graduated from Harvard University and Princeton University). Williamsburg, is almost the cradle of American politics. (Among graduates working in Obama’s government, there are Robert Gates, U.S. Secretary of Defense Christina Romer, Director of the White House Council of Economic Advisers , James Comey, FBI Director etc..) Among the alumni of College of William and Mary, Jefferson the drafters of Independence Declaration and Other Words is the one catching people’s attention particularly. In 2012, College of William and Mary ranked 33 in the ranking of all American universities and 6 in the ranking of American public universities. Especially, it usually has the top admission standard for scores GPA of undergraduate students and sub individual parts of of SAT among U.S. public universities.

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