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Seminar of China High Speed Rail and Regional Development was held successfully
Visited:470    Date:2013-12-16    



Seminar of China High Speed Rail and Regional Development hosted by Western Transportation Strategy and Regional Transportation Center, key research base of philosophy and social sciences in Sichuan province, of the School of Public Administration Southwest Jiaotong University, was successfully held in Conference Room 0410 of SPA, Jiuli Campus, on the afternoon of December 13, 2013. Over 20 Experts and some postgraduate students from Southwest Jiaotong University, Sichuan University, Civil Aviation Flight University of China, Chengdu Institute of Information Engineering attended the seminar. Experts communicated with each other freely and worked together to give suggestions for the organic combination of Chinese high-speed rail and regional development. The seminar was presided by Dai Bin, director of Western Transportation Strategy and Regional Transportation Center.


Professor Chen Guang, Dean of the School of Public Administration, Southwest Jiaotong University expressed his opinions that China high-speed railway, the major breakthrough and landmark achievement for independent innovation, became the diplomatic card and representative image of China, from national strategical attitude in the Seminar. The peaceful prosperity of China depends on pragmatic diplomacy, mutual-benefit diplomacy and power diplomacy. Premier Li Keqiang many a time recommended Chinese high-speed rail technology to Southeast Asian countries, Central and Eastern European countries and Australia, which reflects to bring Chinese high-speed rail into the world has been highly emphasized and Chinese high-speed rail has become the China's new envoy of friendship following "ping-pong diplomacy" and "panda diplomacy". Moreover, China's high-speed’s going into the world may help "Made in China" change to "Created in China" historically. China has the sets of high-speed rail technology combined with design and construction, equipment and manufacturing, vehicle control, systems integration, operations and management, also China has a high-speed railway technology system with the world advanced level and intellectual property rights formed. China high-speed rail’s "going into the world" may exert a leading role for the output of Chinese high-tech industry, which surely leads off a large number of high-tech industries, which is of far-reaching great significance.


Wang Xuelin, associate professor of Civil Aviation Flight University of China, from the perspective of Chinese Civil Aviation and regional economy, expounded the impact exerted by modern transportation, especially by the high-speed rail on the regional economy from the three aspects including macro-impact on local economy, regional industrial structure and the airport economy exerted by modern modes of transport.


Guo Lijuan from School of Economics and Management, Sichuan University, analysed the impact of high-speed rail on the regional economy from node cities, distribution of productive forces along the economic belt and assimilation of the adjacent cities three aspects.


Tang Zhihong, associate Professor, Western Transportation Strategy and Regional Development Research Center, Southwest Jiaotong University pointed that through the combination of transportation and industrial systems, to optimize the traffic network and space development patterns is the key to promote regional economy. He explained the importance of the Chinese high-speed railway network plan for regional economic development from time, space and systems three aspects.



Li Ming, associate Professor from Transportation and Logistics Institute, Southwest Jiaotong University, taking the development of high-speed rail in Dezhou City, Shandong Province as an example, put forward that the high-speed rail can have a greater impact on economy in small and mid-sized cities. Dr. Cui Yi from the perspective of modern logistics, emphasized that the development of high-speed rail provides an important guarantee to alleviate the freight pressure and the development of e-commerce .


Finally, Professor Dai Bin, director of the Center made a speech. He showed that the rapid development of high-speed rail nowadays, not only in a particular technology, a certain technologic field, but also in the entire industry over the world, has China keep advanced level. After the seminar ended, experts of center continued to discuss the following major works.

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