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Sha Yongjie, Founding Chairman of Taiwan TRIZ Association Lectured in SPA
Visited:501    Date:2013-12-29    

Invited by Dean Professor Chen Guang, School of Public and Administration, Shang Yongjie, founder and president of Taiwan TRIZ Association, lecture professor and former president of Chung Hua University visited School of Public and Administration on the afternoon, December 27, 2013 and gave academic report entitled TRIZ and Applicable Innovative Practices for graduate students in SPA. The reported was presided by Associate Dean Professor Wang Yongjie of SPA. In the Appointment Ceremony before the report, Professor Chen Guang, Dean of School of Public Administration issued the letter of employment of part-time professor to Professor Sha Yongjie.


In the symposium, Professor Sha gave a splendid report involving the innovation by applying TRIZ, starting from the point of the two most advanced computers, based on the combination of inventive principles of TRIZ and its resourceful concepts. Sha’s report includes wide innovative practical examples ranging from rotatable house to sucker shape socket geared by solar power, from Spanish Garden car to one-man car with rotatable cockpit, from Coca-Cola “Ice bottle” to anti-pinch zipper, and so on.  Professor Sha stressed that, as an advanced and innovative methods, TRIZ not only can help people overcome the technical problems, but also can help students majoring management science, those non-engineers conduct invention and innovation in application, in the market and the problem-oriented model, effectively. Professor San noted that TRIZ has creativity, existing knowledge and markets combined reasonably, which is the basic path for applicable invention.




Professor Sha’s humorous lecturing style, the amazingly incredible innovative examples the lively and interesting interaction as well as the lively and interesting interaction in his report impressed both teachers and students deeply. Meanwhile, teachers and students were inspired to have interest and enthusiasm for the applicable innovative practices. With the Professor Sha joined in SPA, the innovation and entrepreneurial practices shall be promoted well in the future.

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