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Education Economy and Management

I.Discipline Overview


Educational Economics and Management is part of two disciplines under the emerging Public Administration disciplines.Our school is based on the development needs of the national economy and our own educational force, the Ministry of Education approved the establishment of new, interdisciplinary.There are two professors and three associate professors at present. Educational Economics and Management major mainly research on major issues of public and academic concern, including the cost of higher education and education scales, equitable goals of education policy,asset management and operation of colleges, universities investments, liabilities and its risks,etc. The goa of discipline is to develop application and research talents with a solid foundation of economic theory and basic education management theory, applied research talent to grasp the frontier problem. Students are enrolled whether in arts or science,whose major is mathematics, management or economics are particularly welcomed.


II.Main major direction

      1.Educational Administration Management

Educational administration management takes the process of education management and its law for the study, which includes educational administration management system, administration and organization management of education, educational programs and educational supervision management,educational financial management, education course management and educational personnel management.

 2.Educational Economics Management

Taking the interaction between education and the economy, as well as the field of education for the study of economic phenomena and laws of the content, using quantitative methods to reveal the interaction between education and economic analysis of the development and changes in trends between education and the economy.

3.School Education Management

Taking the process of school education and its law for the study, which includes the school management process, the quality of school management, school organization and management, school public relations, management of education and educators .

Study of Education Comparison

     Taking the education around the world, especially developed countries,for the study, using comparative method to reveal the law of educational development and revolution, the main factors of educational development and their relationships, to summarize the basic experience of educational development and revolution, to explore trends in educational development in the future .

   5.Educational Technology and Innovative Education

     Educational technology management takes educational theory and practice of technical levels as the research object, using ideas ,means and methods of technology to explore effective teaching problems. Educational Technology Research , especially IT technology research and evaluation of education technology, has played a greater role in order to improve the education and the quality of teaching . Innovative education take innovative educational content, architecture and law of development as the research object and the ways and means of carrying out innovative education effectively as the content of the research.


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