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Department of Public Administration

Department of Public Administration of SWJTU was founded in July, 2005. Among the 27 faculties, 3 are PHD. Tutors, 6 are professors, 14 are associate professors, 7 are lecturers. In recent years, the scientific researches and teaching affairs have developed fast, many outstanding achievements in areas such as public department strategy management, policy consultation, public service, public services and facilities management, public ethics etc. have been achieved. The professors play very important roles in local government management. There is one undergraduate majored Public Service and Facilities Management, and one Primary Discipline Postgraduate majored Public Administration. There are three sub-field master disciplines, they are: Public Administration, Social Society, Educational Economic Management and one Professional Master’s Degree named Safe Engineering.

Undergraduate: Public Service and Facilities Management


Training Object: Through comprehensive training in disciplines such as management, economics, politics and social society, we aim to make students own deep public administration theories and systemic major knowledge so that they can solve theoretic and practice problems such as public decisions, public organization’ operation, the equalization delivery of public services as well as effectiveness appraisal. Above all, we pay much attention to train students to solve various kinds of social issues, make them to be professional in fields as public theory research, public organization management, public decision making and appraisal, social issues governance as well as civil society’s building etc. The main core courses are: Public Management, Public Economics, Public Policy Analysis, an Introduction to Politics, an Introduction to Public Service and Facilities, Constitution and Administration Law, Public Ethics, Public Administration, Public Management Technology and Method and so on.

Postgraduate: Public Administration

Training Object: Public Administration aims at training students to be professional in areas as politics, management, economics and laws. After training, students will grasp those theories, technologies and methods of Public Service and Facilities, and will own basic competence in planning, coordinating, organizing, and decision making. The postgraduate students may work in the Party’s departments, governments, as well as Departments such as Culture and Education, Physical Education, Health, Environment Protection, Social Security, NGO, or they can engage in management work in Enterprise’s Administrative Department, also, they may further study to engage in research on Public Service and Facilities. This major lays stress on the importance of training students to possess both abilities of macro policy analysis and planning as well as micro management technologies and skills. The main core courses are: Public Economics, Public Management Theory, Public Policy Analysis, Public Administration Theory, Political Principle, Research Methodology of Social Science and so on.



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