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Public Works Organization and Management

Public Works Organization and Management is a secondary discipline of Management Science and Engineering in Southwest Jiaotong University.

This disciplinary aims at fulfill public interests and focuses on reconstruct of decision making, organization, procedures, operations and other management systems of public works and public utilities. It has four main research directions, including decision making of public works, performance management of public works, organization management of public utility. Currently the specialized courses for master's degree include: Public Works Management, Investment and Financing of Public Works, Social Economic Evaluation of Public Works, Environmental Assessment of Public Works, Public Works Operations Management, Public Works Project Management, Organizational and Decision-making of Public Works, Engineering Ethics, Engineering Philosophy and Urban Management.

Research team of this discipline includes 4 associate professors and 3 assistant professors who are engaged in relevant teaching and research work. They participated in various types of large-scale public investment projects, provided research reports for the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the Chinese government. Meanwhile, the team members actively engaged in academic research on financing of public works, project feasibility, project management, etc., and have dozens of papers published on academic journals. This discipline has distinctive advantages in postgraduate training and the field of public works organization and management.

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