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Regional Economics

Educational Objectives

The program was created in 2000. It aims to train postgraduates with a solid theoretical foundation, good expertise in regional economics, strong research capacity, organizational skills and ability to expand the related fields. They could join the local government, research institutes and universities which engaged in regional planning, regional analysis and regional policy research.

The research disciplines

The program now has four research directions: regional economic theory and methods, transport and regional development, regional sustainable development, regional planning. Main research courses involved: regional spatial analysis, regional planning, transport and regional development, urban

The characteristics

Program takes is full of academic advantages of Southwest Jiaotong University in China. To study the impact on regional spatial pattern of modern transport, the regional industrial structure, economic zones and urban clusters. We did economic research on new forms in traffic networks and influence on social development. Highlighting the benefits of multidisciplinary and standing in the forefront of the development of disciplines. The program is to support the Transport Strategy and Regional Development Research Center which is philosophy and social science research base of Sichuan.

The main achievements

Last five years we completed the three national sponsored researches, 15 provincial sponsored research, and 21 other levels of research; published more than 50 academic papers and 4 monographs and be awarded the outstanding achievement prize in Sichuan Provincial Philosophy and Social Sciences.

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