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Public Management

There are six disciplines under First Level Discipline Public Management at SWJTU including Administration Management, Educational Economy and Management, Social Security, Public Economy and Management, Urban Management and Organization and Management of Public Works. The granting rights of Master’s Degree in Administration Management was entitled in 2000, the granting rights of Master’s Degree in Educational Economy and Management and Social Security was entitled in 2006 and granting rights of Master’s Degree in First Level Discipline Public Management was in 2011. Above all, Administration Management is provincial key discipline in Sichuan, and the course Public Policy Analysis is rated as National Quality Curriculums. Public Administration Theory is the core curriculum for postgraduates at school. The competitive power of major Public Administration at SWJTU ranks A+, which lists the 29th in 2013.

The research field of Administration includes Public Policy and Public Administration in Contemporary China, Administrative Organizations and Personnel System, Comparison on Administration Management, Electronic Affairs and Public Service and so on. Educational Economy and Management mainly studies Educational Economy and Management, Higher Educational Management, Educational Finance, Educational System and International Comparison and so on. Public Economy and Management focuses on Public Economic Policy, Public Finance Management, Employment and Human Resource Management of Public Sectors. Social Security highlights on Social Security System and Economy, Theory and Policy on Insurance of Pension and Unemployment, Management of Social Security Foundation, Medical Insurance, Social Security Policy, Social Welfare and Charity, Legal Construction of Social Security and so on. The research emphasis of Urban Management is City Agglomeration and Overall Urban-Rural Development, Urban Transformation and Development and so on. Organization and Management of Public Works mainly studies Public Works and Governmental Responsibility, Organization of Public Works and Financing Management, Organization of Public Works and Social Assessment, and etc.

Currently, this First Level Discipline Public Management is developing at a high speed. Our academic team owns 6 processors (including 3 Ph.D. supervisors), 15 associate professors, most of who obtained doctor’s degree and younger than 45 years old and over the half had overseas studying or visiting experience.

The academic achievements are rich and influential. During recent years, there are more than 50 above Provincial and ministerial-level scientific and research projects including projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China , National Social Science Foundation of China, and Sub-project of Major Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China and so on undertaken by us, the total cost of which is over 7,000,000 Yuan. The academic publications are more than 20, and papers published overpasses 100.

We have comprehensive education levels for postgraduates, and the number of postgraduates’ recruitment has been over 500 so far (except MPA postgraduates).

Outstanding characteristic of discipline enable itself develop well in the fields of public service, social security, educational finance, urban management and so on.

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