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Social Security

Social Security is one of a subordinate discipline of Public Administration, and was approved by State Department Academic Degrees Committee in 2005. It aims to research on social security theory as well as to train students to engage in work such as social security, civil administration, insurance and employee welfare.


Among the 8 facuties, one is professor, 7 are associate professors. Most of them are young teachers, and with reasonable knowledge structure and high ability to do research.

2.  Personnel Training

From 2007, Social Security began to recruit postgraduate students, and nearly 100 students have been accepted till now. In the past a few years, a complete Social Security training system has been developed. The core courses of Social Security are as follows: Theory and Policy of Social Security, Funds Management of Social Security, Employee Welfare and Corporate Pension, Risk Management Theory and Practice, Labor Laws and Social Security Laws etc.

The postgraduate students majored in Social Security mainly engage in Human Resource and Social Security Department of governments, Insurance Companies and Human Resource Department of enterprises. According to <Report to Chinese Postgraduate Education Appraisal 2010-2011> which was edited by Wuhan University, the Social Security of South-west Jiaotong University ranks B.

3. Achievements in Scientific Research

 During 2007-2013, teachers majored in Social Security published decades of papers, textbooks and books , such as Economic Research Journal, Journal of Public Management, Social Security Studies, Public Finance Research and so on. They are in charge of two National Natural Science Fund and National Social Science Fund, 3 Education Department Fund and quite a few programs funded by Asian Bank and World Bank. The scientific achievements have obtained quite a few awards, and achieved high social appraisal.


4. The main Research Fields of Social Security

 (1)Research on Theory and Practice of Social Security and Public Economy

(2)Research on Social Security of Public Project Emigration

(3)Research on Employee’s Welfare and Salary

(4)The interaction between Social Insurance and Commercial Life Insurance.

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