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Theoretical Economics

Faculty Members

The number of lectures is 22 in total. 10 of them got Ph.D and 5 of them are going to finish Ph.D. There are 4 professors, 14 associated professors and 3 instructors. The rate of senior professional title has reached above 90%. Moreover, the school has recruited expertise from other research and working areas as part-time professors in order to combine the theory and practice of theoretical economics.


Discipline Features

The discipline of theoretical economics is tied with the current needs of economic development in both the domestic and international societies. Based on the priority of interdisciplinary in Southwest Jiaotong University, the discipline of theoretical economics has focused upon Marxism Political Economics, Regional Economics & Urban Development, International Economy and Capital Flows, Population and Urbanization for the main direction and features. The academic team, having maken big academic achievements, has its rationalities in staffs' age, professional titles, degrees and teamwork. The most four features as the following:

Marxism Political Economics: research in the new development for the theory of Marxism Political Economics in China after the reform and opening policy; research in the new challenge of economic construction in the process of China's reform; research in the theory and practice of the theoretical system of building the socialism with Chinese characteristics; research in social fairness and efficiency; with the application of the theory of political economics to research China's current problems, especially focusing on the issues of food safety, the economic development of public ownership, and social welfare; with the application of Marxism political economics to research the theory of macro economics in western capitalism countries in the post-financial crisis era, and to issues of currency policy in an opening environment.

Regional Economics & Urban Development: research in local economic and urban development to combine with the theory and practice of regional development; based on the research center of regional economy and urban management in Southwest Jiaoting University and the research base of liberal arts in Sichuan Province, the research center of transportation strategy & urban development in western China, to develop research achievement and expand the reputation in that area.

International Economy and Capital Flows: As the increasing degree of China's open door to the outside, especially the situation of the opening capital market and the loosing capital control in China, the capital flows have increased the impact to China's currency exchange rate and economic development. Therefore, the research in the relationship between international trade and currency exchange rate has been becoming the key point; for the problems of anti-dumping case and the issues of preferential treatment in customer duties of China's exports, the Chinese government has not sufficiently taken the advantages of the role of origin, so it is important to put the research in take advantage of the role of origin; as well as, focusing on the research of the development of western China.

Population and Urbanization: already having some successful research achievement in the area of migrating people from rural to urban place in western China based on the situation of China's urbanization and population flows, and establishing the research direction to explore the features of population and urbanization in western China.


Research Direction

6 research direction as the following:

Political Economics

World Economy

Population Resource and Environmental Economics

Western Economics

Urban Economics

Government Economics


Education Training

Training objective: training students to steadily grasp the basic theories of economics and professional knowledge, to explore the theory of China's characteristic economy and the mode of economic research, to learn the western economics and get into the development of international economy, to be expertise in that area.

Educational System:  2.5 years to finish master degree in research including 1-year course study and more than 1-year to finish dissertation; 2 to 4 years of the length of education.

Double Tutorial System: besides tutors from the university, based on students' direction, inviting expertise from outside the university to be the vice tutor in order to increase both the abilities in research and practice.

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