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International economy and trade

1.Cultivating Objectives and Requirements

(1) Objectives

In the new era of China’s social and economic transformation and economic globalization, according to the training model of international economic talents and the needs and requirements of China’s international talents, with the principle of “ solid foundation, versatile knowledge, general humanity education, specialist studies and clear characteristics” , this major provides students the combination of theory with practice teaching, in-class lecturing with applied technology training, professional knowledge with English skills, and thinking guiding with behavior developing. It is to cultivate pragmatic talents in the field of international economics and international trade with firm ideological and political quality, knowledge of modern economics, international trade and international enterprises management, methods of modern analysis and technique, and with reasonable knowledge structure, strong practical ability, full of creativity and international vision.


To be with solid basic knowledge of modern economics and management.

To master the theory and business knowledge of international economics and trade systematically. To develop the skills to independently operate in a variety of areas in international trade, international investment, transnational management and theoretical research.

To have knowledge of the tendency of international economic development and the economic conditions and policies of major countries and regions.

To have knowledge of China’s foreign economic policies, and the operation and rules of the major world economic organizations.

To analyze and deal with international economic issues with modern analysis methods and technique means. 7. To have good humanistic quality and awareness of society and laws. To have the skills of interpersonal communication and organizing and integrating.

To be skillful at a foreign language with the abilities of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating. 

2.Length of Schooling and Academic Degree

Duration: 4 years

Degree: Bachelor of Economics

3.Features of the Major

(1) Pay close attention to the cultivation of the ways of thinking with modern economics in the new economic era. To improve students with self-learning ability, adaptability, and development on related fields.

(2) Pay close attention to the cultivation of humanistic quality and basic theories, emphasis on the systematical and solid studies of economics and international trade, keep the systematicness and integrity of economics and management, and improve students with potentials on further study and widen the opportunities of employments.

(3)Pay attention to the combination of economic theories with economic operation analysis, international trade practice and enterprises international operation, especially based on the background of railway engineering of SWJTU, provide students with courses as services trade, international engineering contracting and financing etc., cultivate international economics and trade talents for international engineering contracting and international strategy of railway.  4.Key Disciplines and Core Major Courses

Trunk disciplines: Economics

Professional core courses: Principles of Economics I, Principles of Economics II, Political Economics, Basic Accounting, Principles of Management, Principles and application of Statistics, Contemporary economy of China, Modern history of the world economy,  Public Economics, Principles of Finance, Econometrics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics, Marketing, Institutional Economics , Industry Introduction of Economics, Economic Law, Development Economics, Game Theory, Special topics on World Economy, Foreign Economic Thought History, the School of Economics, Behavioral Economics, Methodology of Economics, Experimental Economics, Applied Econometrics.

4.Main Practice Teaching Activities and Basic Requirements

Main Practice Teaching Activities

Basic Requirements

Main Practice Teaching Activities

Ordinance training of the People’s Liberation Army, and training on light weapons shooting, tactics, and military topography, etc.

Cognition practice 

By visiting factories, countryside and industry parks, improve students with the knowledge of social economic activities.

Social Surveys

By internship, develop students with the knowledge of the design of social surveys and methods of data collection and analysis.

Specialized Practice

Improve students with the abilities to solve problems using professional knowledge.

Extracurricular Creative Activities

By extracurricular creative activities, improve students with the creative ability.

Graduation design (Thesis)

By collecting and managing literature at home and abroad, using professional knowledge to write a thesis on international economic issues or international economic theories with distinctive point of view, clear logic and fluent words.


6.Required Credits for Graduation

Curriculum System

Requirements on Credits

General and Basic Public Courses

Ideological and Political Category



Military Category


Category of General Education


Category of Foreign languages


Category of Physical Education


Disciplinary and Major Foundation Courses

Category of Computer Science



Category of Mathematics


Category of Physics


Basic Disciplinary Courses)


Basic Major Courses


Major(Concentration) Courses

Major (Concentration) Courses



Major Experiments and Practice


Graduation Internship (Practice)

Graduation Project (Thesis)



Innovative Practice outside Classroom






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