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Public management

1.Cultivating Objectives and Requirements


This major aims to train well-qualified compound professionals who master Public Service Administration(PSA)’s theory, techniques and methods, and possess the basic knowledge of politics, management, economics and law, as well as the basic ability of planning, coordinating, organizing, and decision-making. Graduate can do management work for party and government offices, public institutions of education, pro-environment and other social undertakings, NGO, or enterprises. To do further research on public management is another option. The major emphasizes cultivating students with both macro policy analysis and planning thought as well as micro management techniques and skills.


Possessing moral qualities of serving the country, servicing the society, abiding the law and honoring the honest; Possessing cultural qualities of scientific literacy, humanistic feelings, philosophy and logical thinking.

Possessing a broad knowledge base; and being familiar with basic theories of management, economics, sociology, law and related subjects.

Possessing solid professional knowledge; mastering related theories, method, technologies of public service management; being familiar with related laws and regulations of China.

Possessing macro thinking pattern and value judgment of multi-view, multi-objectives, multi-agent analysis.

Possessing common management tools and methods, and social survey technologies; being able to collecting and processing data, and using statistic software to do the data analysis.

Possessing strong writing ability and communication skills.

2.Length of Schooling and Academic Degree

Length of Schooling:4 years

Degree:Bachelor's Degree in Administration

3.Features of the Major

Based on our science and engineering background and national cultural quality education base, the curriculum emphasizes the cultivation of broad knowledge base and good comprehensive quality. In order to enable students with solid professional knowledge and basic theory, the major (PSA) sets many courses about natural science, management, computer and culture. It pays equal attention to theory and practice, knowledge and ability. Students eventually will have strong ability of social adapting, organizing and coordinating, oral and written expressing, and social interacting.

4.Key Disciplines and Core Major Courses

Key Disciplines:Management, Economics, Sociology, Politics;

Core Major Courses: Pubic Management, Public Economics, Public Administration, Introduction to Public Service Administration(PSA), Micro-Economics, Macro-Economics, Principles of Management, Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Politics。

5.Main Practice Teaching Activities and Basic Requirements

Main Practice Teaching Activities

Basic Requirements

Military Training

According to the People’s Liberation Army regulations, accomplishing education and training of small arms fire, tactics, military topography, etc.

Production Practice

Establishing the perceptual knowledge of Public Service Administration and setting the stage for the study of professional basic courses and specialty-oriented courses.

Course Design

By the means of social practice and survey, consolidating learned theories of Public Service Administration, and fostering students’ abilities of independent thinking, independent working and independent problem-solving.

Graduation Internship (Practice)

Based on the professional knowledge learning of Public Service Administration, gaining some training in research of professional theories and practical problems, information retrieval and utilization, and basic writing methods.

Graduation Project (Thesis)

Deepening the understanding of public management and Public Service Administration basic theories; Finishing combined training of public service management basic theories, methods and skills; Enabling students with primary scientific research ability, and realizing the transition from knowledge to ability.


6.Required Credits for Graduation

Curriculum System

Requirements on Credits

General and Basic Public Courses

Ideological and Political Category



Military Category


Category of General Education


Category of Foreign languages


Category of Physical Education


Disciplinary and Major Foundation Courses

Category of Computer Science



Category of Mathematics


Category of Physics


Basic Disciplinary Courses


Basic Major Courses


Major(Concentration) Courses

Major (Concentration) Courses



Major Experiments and Practice


Graduation Internship (Practice)

Graduation Project (Thesis)



Innovative Practice outside Classroom





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