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About us


As one of the oldest universities in China and one of the top universities listed in China’s "211 " & "985" project, Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU) was built in 1896. Operated directly under the Ministry of Education, China, SWJTU is the key university with graduate school and has the advantageous innovation platform for educating students who can work in the fields of Administration, Social Services Management (Technology, Education, Health, Social Security, etc.), Public Economics and Policy, Regional Economic and Urban Management, Public Project Organization and Management, International Economics, Education Economic and Technology Management. SWJTU has developed into an engineering high-lighted multi-disciplinary university incorporating science, management, economics, liberal arts, medicine and law. SWJTU is a multiversity with a complete education system of bachelor-master-Ph.D. It has 64 Ph.D. programs, 134 master degree accredit posts and 70 undergraduate majors, 17 schools, including School of Civil Engineering, School of Information Science & Technology, School of Transportation & Logistics, School of Architecture, School of Public Administration, School of Mathematics, School of mechanical engineering, School of Economics & Management, School of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Physics Science & Technology, School of Life Science and Engineering, School of Politics, School of Electric Engineering, School of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Geosciences and Environmental Engineering, School of Mechanics and Engineering.


Relying on the multi-disciplinary background of SWJTU, with subjects engineering, science, management, economics, literature, law and so on covered, School of Public Administration has public administration and regional development, academic education and training, academic exploring and policy research, science and technology combined. The goal of SPA is developing to build research institute, an education base with high level quality in public administration and economics personnel training, a base with influential public management research and results output, and a key counseling center for government decisions and related organizations. School of Public Administration has Master Degree Programmes of three first-level disciplines including Public Administration, Economic Theory and Philosophy, Master Degree Programmes of second level discipline, Regional Economy, and Professional Degree Master Programmes of Public Administration (MPA), International Business and Security Technology & Engineering. SPA has four undergraduate programmes of Public administration, Economics, International Economics and Trade, Economics (Sino-US cooperative Education Program ), among which programme of public administration is credited as A+ and the discipline of public administration ranked 29th in 2013. SPA consists of Department of Administration, Department of Economics, Department of Economics. Professional Degree Education Centers (MPA Education Center), Continuing Education Center, International Education Center, Provincial University Training Base for Cadre in Sichuan Province, Western Traffic Strategy and Regional Development Research Centre ( Sichuan Province Philosophy and Social Science Research Base), Southwest Jiaotong University-Cornell University International Center for Technology& Society Innovation, Performance Evaluation Center for local Government, Public Opinion Research Center, China Education Finance Research Centre, Institute for the Introduction and Utilization of Foreign Capital, Research Center for Asian Political Culture and Public Governance, Public Policy Institute, International Economic Research, Applied Ethics Research Center , etc..


Until December 2013, SPA has 64 members of staff, including 47 full-time teachers. Among Full-time teachers, 11 are professors (3 doctoral tutor), 28 Associate Professor; teachers with senior titles accounted for 83% of the full-time teachers; 26 acquired doctorate, accounting for 55.3% of the full-time teachers. Besides, among them, 1 was winner of the Title of Outstanding Young Teacher awarded by Ministry of Education; 1 won the Henry Fok Young Teacher Award; 1 got the "Huang Da-Mondale Economics Prize"; 5 are experts with outstanding academic contribution in Sichuan Province; 4 are candidates for Academic Technology Leaders in Sichuan Province. Moreover, SPA hired a large number of well-known scholars and senior executives as part-time professors.

Nowadays, SPA is committed to run with opening minds, strengthen ties with academia in home and abroad, contact with government and other social organizations, exchanges and cooperation, and jointly promote the development of public administration career. We welcome relevant professional talents to join our teaching and research team, welcome outstanding students to our college.


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